Wine Makers Daughter

**Vegan Luncheon

Cash bar for beer, wine etc.


First Sunday of every month 2020  (From 12.00pm)





  • Mixed breads + Dips: hummus; green pea; salsa (for two.) $9.50

  • Curried pumpkin soup with crostini. $9.50


Mains & Dessert (includes 1 Main and 1 desert)

Adult $17.50  Child $9.50  *Childs portion


  •   Nut meat in pastry - with vegetables; mash and gravy.

  • *Pumpkin and kumera fritters with potato; salad and relish.

  • *Tofu, carrot, leek and Cumin fritter with vegan yogurt, salad and wedges.

  • *Creamy mushroom and toasted walnut penne pasta, with salad.

  • *Chic pea and green bean curry with rice and salad.

  •   Nut burger with salsa; salad and wedges



  • *Mixed berries with coconut yoghurt.

  • *Apple pie with coconut yoghurt.

  • *Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

  • *Vegan ice creams: blackcurrant + marmalade + chocolate


- Choose 1 main & 1 dessert for $17.50 -



Dates: First (1st) Sunday of the month.


5th July; 2nd August; 6th September; 4th October; 1st November; 6th December.


**: With Mike, and The Winemaker's Daughter: Kapiti-Horowhenua vegans are 'keeping it simple'


There is a vegan lunch, with this menu 1st Sunday of every month.


It is, very desirable if you are getting a party together – to let Mike or Eric know number/s.

Just because it's a polite thing to do... and Mike can be better prep'd, prepared & staffed.




Thanks to everyone who came to the Vegan Buffets last year and we look forward to seeing you at future Vegan Brunch Buffets this year. If you cannot make it any of these buffets, you may like to have a look at Mikes* current daily Vegan menu and Vegan Function menu.


The Winemakers daughter - winter opening hours: 

OPEN for Lunch from 11.30am  Thursday - Sunday

* Michael Hyland owner and chef…

Please contact Mike with any questions: Phone: 06 3643665 Fax: 06 3643034

It is helpful but not essential to book and pay for your Vegan meal/s online the Thursday prior to the Vegan Luncheon

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