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Vegan Brunch Buffet

Cash bar for beer, wine etc.




​Sundays on the dates below.


Vegan Brunch Buffets:  $20 for adults, $10 for children under 11, and free for those under 5.

Themed Vegan Buffets: $25 for Adults, $12 for children under 11, and free for those under 5.


7 March VBB  $20  Guest speaker Sandra Kyle


11 April VBB  $20


23 May - Themed Jewish food $25


11 July - Themed Scottish food $25


29 August - Themed Mediterranean food $25


3 October VBB  $20 World Animal Day


7 November VBB  $20 World Vegan Day

5 December - Themed Christmas food $25

Remember, with Vegan Brunch Buffets you must book and pay by the Thursday prior to the buffet,  Click here


Menu:   (March 7th, Guest speaker Sandra Kyle)     


Juice, iced water, tea, coffee...


* Primo:

Egg roulade

Kedgeree – tasty rice

Tofu and spinach florentine

Bubble and squeak

Aubergine, capsicum, tomato, and bean 'stew'

Korean lentils

Pasta with tasty stuff...Vegetables – seasonal steamed

Pickled red cabbage


* Secondo:

Mixed berries

Marmalade Ice cream

Apple 'something...'

Chocolate cake

Fruity oat bars

Cashew cream


  • We enjoy;

  • The return of some favourites;

  • New dishes to explore

  • 'Re-jigging of more favourites

Here is some of the above in Italian.

Brunch vegano a buffet. Ci piace; Il ritorno di alcuni favoriti; Nuovi piatti da esplorare 'Riorganizzare di più favoriti.


11.30 to mix and mingle Around 12 – 12.15 Primo will be approached Around 1 – 1.10 Sandra Kyle, our guest speaker will share with us, her vigil experiences with, and singing to, animal family being trucked into to be slaughtered... Around 1.15 – 1.30 Secondo... Then stay to chat with Sandra... make an assignation to go with her toa vigil...



Please remember, you must book for the Vegan Bruch Buffet, on or before the Thursday prior to the Buffet.

A brief bio about Sandra Kyle, guest speaker for March 7th Vegan Brunch Buffet:

A vegan since 2010, Sandra Kyle lives in Whanganui, New Zealand, and has been a writer and activist for animal rights since the 1990s. Her book, Glass Walls, and website,, call for all slaughterhouses in New Zealand to close by 2025. Sandra produced the animal rights radio show, Safe and Sound, for four and a half years, is one of two Country Liaisons for The Save Movement in New Zealand, and a short film, 2025, was made about her solitary slaughterhouse vigils. In 2018, Sandra received The Philip Wollen Animal Welfare Award. Dubbed by the mainstream media as “The Singing Vegan,” she was nominated in 2021 for the Assisi Award, named after the Patron Saint of Animals, St. Francis of Assisi.  


Sandra has done slaughterhouse vigils for the last five years,  and will be talking to us about these.







Thank you to everyone who came to the Vegan Luncheons after lockdown ended, we look forward to seeing you at future Vegan Brunch Buffets. If you cannot make it any of these buffets, you may like to have a look at Mikes* current daily Vegan menu and Vegan Function menu.


The Winemakers daughter - opening hours:


OPEN for Lunch from 11.30am  Thursday - Sunday

* Michael Hyland owner and chef…

Please contact Mike with any questions: Phone: 06 3643665 Fax: 06 3643034


Remember, you must book and pay at least three days prior to the Buffet

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