All Vegan and mostly Gluten Free

Winemakers Daughter

Vegan Brunch Buffet

Cash bar for beer, wine etc.




​Sundays at 11.30am on the dates below.


Themed Vegan Brunch Buffets: $25 for Adults, $12 for children under 11, and free for those under 5.


10 October - Mediterranean food 'theme'


5 December - Celebrating World Vegan Day, World Animal Day and World Animal Week with a Special Christmas dinner and gathering

Remember, with Vegan Brunch Buffets you must book and pay by the Thursday prior to the buffet,  Click here


  Mediterranean Vegan Brunch Buffet    




Bruschetta with Tomato & Olive topping

Chic Pea & Lentil Kofta's with spicy dip

Tzatziki with crudites


Andalucian Gazpacho – cold soup


Tofu Caciattoria with capers

Cauliflower with salsa verde:

Vegan Lasagne with spinach +

Pasta with peas, spinach and leeks.




Fresh vegetables


Italian white bean salad

Green salad

Greek – pickled cabbage


Mixed berries


Sorbet's and ice creams

Meditteranean Lemon cake


Thank you for joining Horowhenua – Kapiti Vegans for this celebration of the Mediterranean.


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* Gather to mix and mingle from 11.30am – enjoy fruit juice, tea, coffee or a drink from the bar.


PLEASE: Mike needs to know numbers... necessary for food preparation and staffing.

So, please book and pay, adults $25 - details at


*** PS. If you're gluten-free PLEASE let's know when booking.  There's a few dishes Mike will especially prepare for you - otherwise, there's lots of choice anyway...

Menu items are subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients and suggested additions. 



Please remember, you must book for the Vegan Bruch Buffet, on or before the Thursday prior to the Buffet.

*Veganism is not just a diet. It is not just a ‘lifestyle.’ It is a nonviolent act of defiance. It is a refusal to participate in the oppression of the innocent and the vulnerable. It is a rejection of the insidious idea that harming other sentient beings should be considered a ‘normal’ part of life. It represents a paradigm shift toward a new default position that violence for pleasure, amusement or convenience can NEVER be justified. Gary Francione.





Thank you to everyone who came to the Vegan Luncheons after lockdown ended, we look forward to seeing you at future Vegan Brunch Buffets. If you cannot make it any of these buffets, you may like to have a look at Mikes* current daily Vegan menu and Vegan Function menu.


The Winemakers daughter - opening hours:


OPEN for Lunch from 11.30am  Thursday - Sunday

* Michael Hyland owner and chef…

Please contact Mike with any questions: Phone: 06 3643665 Fax: 06 3643034