Wine Makers Daughter

Vegan Brunch Buffet

Mix & mingle: Cash bar for beer, wine etc.


Get started with:

Muesli and mixed berries, with homemade yogurt

Special Vegan Brunch Buffet...


Vegan Brunch Buffet...

Homemade baked beans*

Corn cakes

Potatoe Rostie

Tumeric and Lentil Patties

Mushrooms* herbed and creamed.

Kedgeree: peas; beans and smoked tofush

Scrambled eggs

French toast*



Toast and preserves


Start; Intersperse; or finish with:


Tea; coffee; fruit juice...

* These are new dishes. Thank you to those who responded to our request for new ideas.

   Dishes may be added or deleted for future Buffets, and the menu will be updated here. 



$20.00 Adults 

$10.00 Children under 11 y/o



Mix and mingle from 11:30am...


Date: 21st June, 2nd August, 20th September, 15th November


The Winemaker's Daughter




Thanks to everyone who came to the Vegan Buffets last year and we look forward to seeing you at future Vegan Brunch Buffets this year. If you cannot make it any of these buffets, you may like to have a look at Mikes* current daily Vegan menu and Vegan Function menu. The Winemakers Daughter is open Tuesday to Sunday.

* Michael Hyland owner and chef…

Please contact Mike with any questions: Phone: 06 3643665 Fax: 06 3643034

No door sales... please book and pay for your Vegan meal/s online the Thursday prior to the buffet

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