Some suggested links

Horowhenua & Kapiti vegans:

What's happening locally, especially at 'The Winemaker's Daughter' with

vegan buffet's... there's a comments page & vegan 'this & that'


Gaz Oakley:

Today, as in 'right now' there are a multitude of interesting places, to find 'all sorts of information' about animals & becoming vegan; being vegan; and recipes galore from simple, to these 'absolutely first class' vegan recipes. Gaz Oakley has a very good range or recipes.

Chris Huriwai:

I’m a firm believer that we have a real chance to change the world, by

leading by example. And here in New Zealand, seen as a country of

innovation, we could set the example that other countries will want to follow.

There’s an old saying, when we’re faced with a problem: ‘it just takes a bit of

kiwi ingenuity’. No problem is too big for us, we just have to empower

How are we going to do it?  Compassion, sustainability, innovation and of

course... love, love for all.

World Animal Net:

Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening: Phil Borges at TED


The food we were born to eat: John McDougall at TED


The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness


5 Ridiculous Myths About Cow’s Milk


Vegan Smythe: assorted URLs

Couldn't give up my cheese

Where do you get your protein?


Vegan woman:


Farm Animal Rights Movement


Animal Rights:The Abolitionist Approach Gary Francione


Vegan Outreach


Vegan Society New Zealand


The Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Otaki


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals:


Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? Frans de Waal


Save Animals From Exploitation – New Zealand


The Animals Voice:

'Why we have wars, and will continue to do so...'

You may like to check-this-out.

From the Journal for Critical Animal Studies, Vol V, Issue 2, 2007

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Marama Davidson and Chris

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Dr John McDougall

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