*Animal Rights, or Animal Welfare?

'Animal Rights or animal welfare?' These pictures illustrate (and show clearly)  what animal welfare leads to... we say 'this is both despicable and disgusting... and not to put to fine a point on it: so does Richard Dawkins: Richard Dawkins in 'Science in the Soul' at the end of Ch 1 says …


"the Shifting Moral Zeitgeist... leads to an obvious next question. Whither the moral arc in future decades and centuries? Can you think of something we accept with equanimity in 2017 but future centuries will regard with the same revulsion as we, today, view the slave trade or the railway wagons bound for Belsen and Buchenwald? I don't think it requires much imagination to think of at least one candidate. Don't the Belsen-bound railway wagons come, unwelcome, to mind when you drive behind one of those closed-in trucks with bewildered, fearful eyes peering through the ventilator slats?"

Alastair Pain "SPCA and their despicable animal welfare support - which amounts to a total capitulation to big animal agri-business and promotes lies to us and our society."

For just one example of a typical New Zealand chicken farm follow these links... NZ Herald   STUFF

* Vegan lifestyle is morally superior: Richard Dawkins


A thought:

The SPCA’s founding ethos is “We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves”.  Surely that statement is missing the following words… “, we do not eat those for whom we speak

Here we see the SPCA once again trolling 'animal welfare' (an advertisement from the New World mailer)


Horowhenua/Kapiti vegans are for ANIMAL RIGHTS - because our animal family are not 'ours' to use and abuse.