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Vegan Potluck Lunch & Movie 2024 

Date to be advised  -  1.00pm, Levin
Please email  for address and to RSVP

It will be the middle of winter soon, so I would love to invite you to a Vegan potluck lunch and a movie, held in warm, convivial surroundings.


Whether a main or a pudding, bring your favourite dish or try making something new. The choice is yours.


Tea, coffee, and cocoa will be provided, as will soy milk and sweeteners.  Feel free to bring drinks of your choice if you so wish.


So please come and enjoy delicious, vegan food with other warm and friendly people like yourself. I can already visualize a spread of flavourful main dishes, snacks, puddings, and drinks -all Vegan of course!


The film, being organised by Alastair, is called…


Le Quattro Volte


This is art theatre, [no music, no script,] so hopefully, this will help you appreciate what it is about.

Please email for address.

veg boxing day pot luck barbeque.jpg

In 2024~5 if you would like to host a vegan potluck dinner, a nibbles evening or a vegan bbq  we'd love to hear from you, or if you have any suggestions for any form of vegan event :

From June 2024 I intend showing vegan based documentaries and information videos on the large screen.  Tea, coffee and cold spring water will be available, and perhaps fresh popcorn.  Feel free to bring along home made or bought nibbles to share.

The doco's will be picked from the following list of my DVD library...

1. Behind the Mask   **

2. Beyond Closed Doors   **

3. Chew On This  (PETA)   *

4. Dark Water Rising   *

5. Earthlings   **

6. Fast Food Nation   *

7. I am an Animal  **

8. I Breath  *

9. Not In My Name   **

10. Peaceable Kingdom   *

11. Peaceable Kingdom – The Journey Home *

12. Sharkwater

13. Speciesism   *

14. Talking with Animals

15. The End of the Line

16. The Mad Cowboy  (x3)   *?

17. The Meatrix

18. The Skin Trade   **

19. The Witness   *

20. The Emotional World of Farm Animals

21. Whale Wars

22. A Diet for all Reasons

23. Albert Schweitzer

24. Breakthrough

25. Digestion Made Easy 

26. Eating

27. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

28. Food Inc

29. Food Without Fear

30. Forks Overs Knives

31. Kick Start Your Health

32. Killer at Large

33. May I Be Frank

34. Planeat

35. Processed People

36. Raw Food Made Easy

37. Sarah Brown – The Vegetarian Kitchen

38. Sense and Nonsense in Nutrition

39. Sound Bites

40. Sweet Misery – A Poisoned World

41. Sweet Remedy  (Sequel to Sweet Misery)

42. Truth or Dairy   

43. To Your Health
44. Understanding Your Blood Test

45. Vegan Fitness 

46. Vegan Gal

47. Vegucated

48. Weight Control  (PCRM)
49. Around the World in 90 Minutes

50. Blue Planet

51. Cowspiracy

52. Dirt – The Movie

53. Meat the Truth

54. Ocean Wonderland   BluRay 3D

55. Planet Earth (BBC) BluRay   **

56. Planet in Peril 57. The 11th Hour

58. The Age of Stupid

59. World in Balance
Documentary /Other
60. A Time to Remember: New Zealand

61. Animals in Love

62. Animals Are Beautiful People

63. Baraka   *

64. Cosmos  (Original Series)

65. Cosmos  (2014 series) 

66. Into the Universe  (Stephen Hawking)

67. Religiousness

68. The Day the Universe Changed  (Series)

69. The Story of the Eclipse

70. The Unbelievers

71. What Darwin Never Knew   *

72. When a City Falls  (Canterbury earthquakes



* Contains some graphic scenes ** Contains very graphic scenes

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