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Vegan  foods found in Levin

On a recent sojourn at Countdown, I was very happy to find they now stock Mrs Greens Vegan Supreme frozen pizzas.  So that was dinner planned and set.  Just along from the freezers, I got a Plantitude Chocolate Cake, and a reasonable price it is too.

While looking at packets of lollies in the confectionery aisle, (I like checking the ingredients to see if anything changes for the better) I had a quick glance at the Black Knight liquorice. Lo and behold, what did I read...  Not the usual E904 (shellac) but... Ta Daaa... E903 Carnuba Wax.  Fantastic, I can start eating liquorice again. This gave me hope for RJ's, who make both brands, and yes, E903 too.

I also bought the Fix and Fogg Everything but Butter Peanut Butter.  This is really nice, easily spreadable, and full of a variety of nuts and seeds.  It takes great too.

Around in the mortuary department, where I know they stocked Vegan meat alternatives, I picked up a packet of Naturli Chicken Free pieces.  It's a rush in and rush out in that section of the supermarket while looking at the veggies section and trying to hold my breath.

For pudd, I got a punnet of Tip Top Salted Caramel "ice cream", and a carton of cones.

Next story will be my visit to New World, whose range of products is not as wide as it used to be.  Whether because of lockdown or because they're reducing the number of brands in stock, I'm not sure.

This page is open for people to let others know about Vegan products they have come across in shops in the Kapiti and Horowhenua regions.  It doesn't matter if the items have been around for yonks or are brand new. 


Also eateries, whether dine in or takeaway that you can recommend in the Kapiti and Horowhenua areas.  It doesn't matter whether they are brand new or have been around for decades.

Please drop us a line, using the message box below and your suggestion/s will be put here to share.

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