A Landslide of vegan food

Te Horo (landslide) o (of) Kaimanga (vegan food)

Wine Makers Daughter 

Vegan Luncheon...



Sunday from 12.00pm


7th June; 5th July; 2nd August; 6th September; 4th October;1st November and 6th December.

For prices, please see the Menu


Why a Vegan Luncheon?

Go here to see the menu

Click to book your seat/s

You may book and pay for your seat/s on or before the Thursday prior to the Sunday Lunch.  


After the Vegan Luncheon, for those who wish to, we will have an ideas and action time.



To... share ideas, and above all – to do things...

Like What?   Write emails; letters; make &/or plan phone calls; post on Facebook/Twitter... etc., congratulations and /or thanks for: such things as...

-        Your new Vegan Trumpet ice creams.

-        Featuring Vegan meals on 'My Food Bag – etc.,'

-        Promoting plant based food; recipes; ideas; ethos; ethics; & etc., Countdown do this...

-        Writing to your MP – our PM & etc.,



Promote; consolidate; support; all things Vegan/plant based...

Some dishes from previous Buffets

It is helpful but not essential to book and pay for your Vegan meal/s online the Thursday prior to the Vegan Luncheon

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